ROOTEQ TR-60 Outboard Engine Trolley Max 15HP

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The smart solution for handling your outboard.

Most outboard motor trolleys are large, heavy, difficult to use and almost impossible to carry around in the back of a car or stow on a boat. The solution has arrived in the form of this engine trolley.

This ultra compact, light wieght (6kg) trolley can be adjusted to perfectly fit any outboard engine up to 60kg (approx. 15hp).

It is very easy to use and can be broken down so small that it can be put almost anywhere.

The trolley can also be used for storing and servicing outboard engines. The large wheels (9") and wide tread (8.5cm / 3.3inch) ensure stability, with the added benefit of tyres made from EVA which gives the comfort of air tyres without the disadvantages.

Features & Benefits
- Suitable for outboards up to 60kg
- Use for transport, storage & servicing
- Ergonomic design, very easy to use
- Unique compact construction
- Patent pending design
- Light weight yet strong and stable
- Fully adjustable height and track
- Max mounting bracket width 160mm
- Max height from Skeg Support to Mounting Bracket - 830mm

NOTE - Some engines (Especially Honda) over 10HP have extra wide mounting brackets that do not fit this trolley correctly. This may result in instability. The U shaped bracket on the trolley is 160mm wide (between the sides of the U)

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