DC Plough Anchors 4Kg - 25Kg

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  • DC Plough Anchors 4Kg - 25Kg
  • DC Plough Anchors 4Kg - 25Kg
  • DC Plough Anchors 4Kg - 25Kg
  • DC Plough Anchors 4Kg - 25Kg
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Self launching 4kg-25kg Plough anchors with high holding power for boats 6-21metres

Part No Weight Overall Length Overall Width For Boat Length
DCAnchor04 4kg 514mm 230mm 6-9 metres
DCAnchor06 6kg 593mm 265mm 9-12 metres
DCAnchor10 10kg 695mm 310mm 12-15 metres
DCAnchor16 16kg 812mm 362mm 15-18 metres
DCAnchor20 20kg 877mm 392mm 18-20 metres
DCAnchor25 25kg 945mm 415mm 20-21 metres
The shaft shape and broad-shoulder flukes combined with a weighted tip contribute to a low gravity point, providing self launching performance and instant setting.
Smooth setting into a bow roller - fits into the same bow rollers as Delta Anchors.
LLOYD'S REGISTER APPROVED as an assurance of the quality and strength.
Marine grade alloy, hot dipped galvanised.
Yieldstrength 420 MPa.
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