316 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Thimbles

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Part No Wire B C D E K Pack
62102 2mm 5mm 15mm 21mm 15mm 6.4mm 10
62103 3mm 6mm 20mm 26mm 18mm 8.4mm 10
62104 4mm 7mm 25mm 32mm 21mm 11mm 10
62105 5mm 9mm 31mm 42mm 28mm 12mm 10
62106 6mm 11mm 32mm 43mm 28mm 12mm 10
62108 8mm 10mm 41mm 58mm 43mm 13mm 5
62110 10mm 13mm 50mm 72mm 51mm 14mm 5
62112 12mm 16mm 60mm 86mm 62mm 16mm 5
62116 16mm 20mm 75mm 110mm 82mm 21mm 1
62119 19mm 24mm 90mm 124mm 94mm 31mm 1
62122 22mm 28mm 100mm 130mm 100mm 38mm 1
62125 25mm 32mm 116mm 148mm 115mm 48mm 1


Manufactured from A4-AISI 316 Stainless Steel these high quality Heavy Duty thimbles are designed to last in the harsh marine environment.

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