316 Stainless Steel Danforth Anchor

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Part No Weight L L1 L2 B  
SSDAN07 7kg 630mm 530mm 315mm 320mm  
SSDAN10 10kg 710mm 590mm 430mm 340mm  
SSDAN12 12kg 780mm 660mm 420mm 390mm  
SSDAN15 15kg 760mm 650mm 450mm 380mm  
SSDAN20 20kg 1030mm 700mm 510mm 475mm  
SSDAN30 30kg 900mm 760mm 540mm 590mm  

These Mirror Polished A4-AISI 316 Stainless Steel Danforth Anchors are manufactured to the highest quality.

Do I need a Danforth Anchor?

The Danforth anchor (also known as Fluke Anchor) consist of a stock at the crown, with a cross bar and two large flat pointed flukes attached. The stock is hinged so the flukes can swing downwards towards the bottom and once set properly can develop an amazing amount of resistance. Danforth is the generic term used for these anchors.

Danforth and fluke-type anchors have very good holding power in soft mud and sandy conditions where many other anchors may not hold as well.

They can be relatively lightweight and their flat design makes stowage in a locker easier than Plough or Claw type anchors.

What to be aware of:

These anchors do not hold as well in firm or rocky bottoms. The Danforth anchor can also have difficulty penetrating kelp and weed-covered bottoms.

If there is much current or the vessel is moving whilst dropping the anchor, it may skate over the bottom with the large fluke area acting as a wing.

The best method is best to remain stationary, dropping the anchor vertically to the sea bed and then drifting backwards to allow it to set.

Once set, the anchor only tends to break out when the direction of force changes dramatically, such as with the tide changing. However in suitable bottom types, they will often reset quite easily.

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